Jaz products provide a safe and eco-friendly way to grow thriftier, better-performing plants by strengthening their immune system.

As plant-strengthening products, JAZ products enhance natural stress tolerance so that plants suffer less damage and better thrive in the face of drought, extreme temperatures and other environmental stress conditions. By strengthening stress tolerance, Jaz products also encourage quality growth and blooms.
  JAZ products contain a natural plant-strengthening molecule called methyl dihydrojasmonate (MDHJ). In fact, most if not all plants contain MDHJ. This molecule is related to the family of jasmonate compounds naturally found in plants and is named from the jasmine plant where jasmonates were originally identified. MDHJ is responsible for improving natural stress tolerance by strengthening the defense systems plants use to protect themselves from adverse environmental conditions.

New Biology scientists, in cooperation with university researchers, discovered that when MDHJ is applied to plants, many natural defense compounds including antioxidants, phenolics and protective proteins are produced throughout the leaves, stems and roots. These defenses increase stress tolerance resulting in reduced damage and better recovery from salt build-up, drought, temperature extremes and other environmental stresses (see overview of plant-strengthening). MDHJ is also special in that it promotes improved foliage and bloom characteristics. When plants are treated with MDHJ, blooms last longer and/or are brighter. Leaves tend to stay green and the natural yellowing (senescence) that is common to many plants is reduced.

Based on these findings, New Biology developed JAZ products to provide gardeners with easy-to-use products that provides the positive plant quality and strengthening benefits of MDHJ. JAZ products' efficacy has been confirmed in laboratory, field and typical garden settings.

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