Here's what some of our happy customers are saying about JAZ™ Rose Spray.  
"...more blooms, larger blooms, less pests, I love Jaz, it was the only thing that worked and I have tried a lot of brands."
- Ellen, Arizona

"The leaf color looked healthier, the blooms were brighter, and the plants just look healthier overall."
– Renee, the Southwest

" poor Austin roses were wrecked early in May by some insect eating tiny holes in the leaves. I wasn't worried initially, but in no time they had nearly defoliated a number of my plants! I garden exclusively organically, but I had to treat the plants with insecticidal soap, and horticultural oil. They looked horrible! I read about your product in a publication, and had to try it. I treated all of my roses, and within a few days, they looked so much better."
– Paula, Massachusetts

"I applied Jaz™ Rose Spray to my roses and they started blooming and just turned vibrant."
- Steve, Washington

"They [roses] just look strong and healthy, better than my roses have ever looked. I definitely see a difference on my roses and I don’t pamper them. I have one small rose that usually doesn’t do that great and it is looking good with a bloom."
– Cheryl, Montana

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