JAZ Plant Strengthener

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JAZ Plant Strengthener
JAZ Plant Strengthener Concentrate: 16 oz.
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JAZ Plant Strengthener
Apply JAZ Plant-Strengthener to leaves or roots 1-2 times per month to boost plants' vigor, resilience and performance. Lets plants thrive and better recover from common garden stress conditions by building natural tolerance to heat, drought and salt build-up. Reduces leaf yellowing (senescence). Not for use on food crops. Does not replace fertilizer.

JAZPlant Strengthener Sizes
4.4 oz. - Dilute 2-3 Tbsp/gallon. $7.50
16 oz. - Dilute 2-3 Tbsp/gallon. $26.99
32 oz. - Dilute 1 Tbsp/gallon. $54.99
1 gallon. - Dilute 1 Tbsp/gallon. $128.99

JAZ Plant Strengthener Benefits
Builds natural tolerance to drought, salt and temperature extremes
Use on woody or herbaceous plants
Apply to leaves or roots
Dilute in water or other liquid fertilizer
Easy-to-use, safe and effective

Jaz Plant Strengthener is not available in: California, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon and New Mexico. Not available in your state? Please check back soon as the product is currently in the registration process in these states.

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