JAZ Rose Spray

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JAZ Rose Spray
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JAZ Rose Spray Concentrate and Ready-to-Use Spray
Simply dilute and apply with a backpack or hand sprayer.

JAZ Rose Spray Concentrate Sizes
4.4 oz. - $8.50. Mix 3T/quart of water.
16 oz. - $32.99. Mix 3T/quart. of water.
32 oz. - $68.99. Mix 2.5T/gal. of water. (Extra Concentrate)
1 gallon - $158.99. Mix 2.5T/gal. of water. (Extra Concentrate)
JAZ Rose Spray Ready-to-Use
32 oz. - $14.95. Comes ready-to-use in a convenient spray bottle.

JAZ Rose Spray Benefits
Builds natural resistance to stress: drought, heat, salt and disease
Promotes vigorous rose bushes
Encourages blooming
Easy-to-use, safe and effective
Reduces leaf senescence (yellowing)

How to Use Jaz-Rose Spray
Apply Jaz-Rose Spray 1 - 2 times per month throughout the growing season. Additionally, apply Jaz-Rose Spray to give your plants an extra boost before anticipated or at the first signs of environmental stress. Jaz-Rose Spray is a leaf spray. During application, coat the leaves to ensure roses receive an adequate dose of Jaz-Rose Spray to enable your roses to perform their best.

Jaz Rose Spray is available in all states except: Colorado, Idaho, Oklahoma, Oregon, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi or New Mexico. Not available in your state? Check back soon as the product is currently being registered in most states.

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