JAZ Plant-Strengthener JAZ Plant-Strengthener
Apply JAZ Plant-Strengthener to leaves or roots 1-2 times per month to boost plants' immunity. Lets plants thrive and better recover from common garden stress conditions by building natural tolerance to heat, drought and salt build-up. Helps plant and seedling establishment. Reduces leaf yellowing (senescence). Does not replace fertilizer.

JAZ Plant-Strengthener

Jaz Rose Spray JAZ Rose Spray
Apply JAZ Rose Spray to strengthen natural stress tolerance for improved vigor, longer-lasting blooms and leaf quality. Builds resistance to heat extremes, drought, salt build-up and stress. Reduces the number of yellow leaves (senescence). Apply to leaves 1-2 times per month throughout the growing season or before anticipated stress. We offer three convenient sizes for every size garden. Dilute and apply with a backpack or hand sprayer. Does not replace fertilizer.

Jaz Rose Spray

Jaz Rebound JAZ Spray Bottle
Need a spray bottle? Try this quart-sized, fine mist JAZ spray bottle. Comfortable for small hands.

Jaz Rebound
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