Plants’ Natural Defenses are Important!
Did you know that plants can sense when they are suffering from too little or too much water, are too hot or too cold or infected by disease? Plants do sense the onset of such stresses and quickly react. Within minutes, plants begin to synthesize hundreds of defense molecules throughout the leaves, roots and stems.
  These natural defenses are crucial for plant survival. Without them, plants would quickly succumb to the overwhelming number of surrounding pathogens, weeds and variable environmental conditions. Plant defenses are responsible for deterring pests as well as adapting to constantly varying light, soil and weather. These stresses not only occur in nature but are a part of everyday garden environments as well. Low-water, water-logged soil, salt build-up and temperature extremes are all common garden stresses that limit plant performance.

What is a plant-strengthener?
Recent research has revealed that natural defenses can be strengthened when contacted with certain natural molecules. Termed plant-strengtheners, these molecules enhance plants' natural resistance mechanisms so plants are more resistant to stress. As a result, senescence (leaf yellowing) is reduced, plants suffer less damage and are better able to recover from stress, and plants show overall improved performance (Learn more about Jaz™ Plant-strengtheners).

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